What Determines the Performance of Laptops

In today’s society, more and more people will go to laptops shops to buy a laptop. Not only because it is easy to carry and lighter in weight. It is because the performance gap between today’s notebook computers. The mainstream laptops are getting smaller and smaller. How to judge the performance of a laptop? I’ll take you to sort it out.

A large part of the performance of a laptop depends on its CPU. It is equivalent to the human brain. At present, the mainstream CPU is produced by two companies: INTER and AMD. INER’s chips have now reached 10 generations. The best of them is the i9 series. In the same generation of products, the performance is i9 > i7 > i5 > i3. This is from the large to the small.For a laptop, the first thing you should consider is the performance. If you are playing mainstream 3A masterpiece games, or for modeling, engineering composition and other work, the performance must be good. If it is used for daily light office work, watching movies and TV works in spare time, top performance is not needed.

Similarly, the Ryzen and Athlon series in AMD’s CPU have produced their latest products. Ryzen is better than Athlon in performance. Ryzen 9 series is the best in Ryzen series, followed by Ryzen7 and Ryzen5.

The higher the CPU performance, the better. You have to distinguish your usage scenarios. If you are pursuing the enjoyment of the game, INTER’s high-performance CPU is your choice. If you want the convenience of multi-core and multi-threading, then it is right to choose AMD’s CPU.

If the CPU is the brain, then the graphics card is our hard limbs. It keeps working.
In addition to the CPU, another important component of laptops is the graphics card.

If you are pursuing ordinary office work, then ordinary nuclear display is enough. If the pursuit is a better game experience and higher-intensity office work, then a discrete video card is necessary. Most of INTER’s and AMD’s graphics cards can adapt to the current mainstream games. As long as it is an ordinary discrete graphics card, it is enough.

In addition, the running memory of notebook computers is important. Generally speaking, 8GB of running memory is enough. But if you want to go further, 16GB or even 32GB of running memory is better. For example, the 16GB memory of HONOR MAGICBOOK PRO is sufficient for ordinary daily use.

Other aspects include hard disk selection. The choice of hard disk affects the startup and reading and writing speed of the computer. The choice of solid-state hard disk is better than mechanical hard disk. Under the same circumstances, the speed of solid-state hard disk will be faster.

Now, you must have a deeper understanding of the performance of laptops. Then it will be helpful to you in the future when you go to the laptops shops.