Choose Your Options for Link Building

You can also simply Google the subject of your latest blog article and watch what other websites mention. 

Let others do the work

Think of a playful action or quiz and let others do the work for you.  Have others talk about you. For example, enter into a discussion with someone familiar from your industry or be the first to come with the latest news. From the link building agency you can find the best choice now.

Use the authority of your “competitors”

Don’t just focus on your own website.  Use your knowledge and experience on other websites to provide visitors with valuable content.  This brings new visitors to your website, gives you a greater reputation and perhaps also a valuable link. Use the authority of others by, for example, leaving comments or by writing a guest blog yourself.

Outsourcing link building?

Of course you can always consider outsourcing link building. After all, you have something better to do than to search for days for that one backlink. If you decide to outsource link building, always do good research. We regularly receive horror stories from people who have outsourced link building to link builders. After spending hundreds or sometimes even thousands of euros, they have not risen in any position, but have fallen. Therefore always look out with which search engine marketing agency you are working with. No matter how good a deal like No-Cure, No Pay seems, in the end you don’t pay the invoice, but you pay the damage.

If you own a site and are looking to improve its positions on search engines via natural referencing, you should know that SEO is based on 2 key criteria: content and links. I cannot stress it enough but still today links are very important in terms of natural referencing. Google wants sites to work on their content because it considers that good content naturally attracts links. In this scheme, actually only the best sites with the best content should be on the front page of the engines. Only today this is not (yet) the case. Today the best content without a little “boost” is invisible on Google. So how do you get those valuable links?

Why is buying a link important for your natural SEO strategy?

We are not going to lie, it is very complicated to do SEO while fully respecting Google’s instructions while respecting budgetary constraints. The biggest brands manage to perform in terms of SEO because their communication is precisely not based solely on SEO.

They invest massively in the creation of content: articles, blogs, videos, etc. Indeed it allows them to improve their brand image and therefore also work their SEO. They get links thanks to their communication and their reputation paid at a gold price. Influencers, press releases, press relations, etc.

Buy links to influencers and bloggers

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