Greater Choices for the Small Businesses Now

It is now known to every company that it is important to score well in Google. We also call this SEO, Search Engine Optimization. But this market is often dominated by major players or But what distinguishes a local store from major players is that they are close to the consumer. Google knows exactly when the consumer needs a store around the corner. These are very interesting opportunities where you as an entrepreneur can outsmart the big players. In this blog we give you a number of tips that will make you score higher in your local search results. For the small business seo services this is essential now.

The First Thing

First of all, a brief introduction to why this liquor store wants to be visible locally, and perhaps should be. Today, the influence of mobile has become ever greater than, for example, in 2010. Where the number of internet users via smartphone was then 27% that number has now risen considerably to more than 75%. But why is mobile an important factor for local SEO? Local SEO is very responsive to the location of the user. Thanks to updates in the search algorithm, your location is always accurately defined. So when people perform a mobile search such as ‘Buying red wine’ when they are in the neighborhood, you want your liquor store to be visible locally and rank at the top. But how do we do this?

When visible locally?

  • Google takes three factors into account when determining which local SEO results they show. The factors are distance, relevance and reliability.
  • First, the distance is very important. For example, Eindhoven is a big city and the consumer is not going to walk or cycle all over Eindhoven for ice cream. So the closer you are to your company at the time of entering the search query, the greater the chance of a good position.
  • The second major factor is relevance. Both a restaurant and a fries shop offer fries. But the moment the consumer types in ‘fries food’, chances are that the fries shop will be preferred. Simply because the chances are very high that the consumer is actually looking for a chip shop.
  • Reliability is the last big factor. Thanks to our smartphones, Google knows very well where everyone is. Google can even indicate at what times it is usually busy within a case. A busy business with positive reviews is a sign for Google that it is a good store. This will certainly be preferred in the local SEO results.

Google My Business

Register as a company with Google My Business. Google My Business, Google my company, is the online calling card that gives companies the opportunity to show where they are. In addition, consumers find important information about your company there so that they know what you are doing. The moment your company is around when the consumer types in a search query, chances are that your company will come up. Very interesting.