Know About A Few Top Website Analyzers

A website analyzer helps you to make quick and effective analysis of the website. Web analysis is highly required in order to maximize the number of users and to reach the target audience. There are some tools that come handy while making website analysis reports, checking download speed, examining SEO-indicators. Checking the data using a good website analyzer to detect the mistakes and asses the issues, if any, is a vital part of web maintenance.


It is used to analyze the speed of the website. If your site works slowly and takes quite a few seconds for a page to load, then you may lose your potential customers. To prevent this, it is necessary to check the website speed, and GTmetrix has made the task easier. Using this website analyzer does not cost anything. It quickly analyzes any website and finds out the performance problems.

SEO Site Checkup

To detect website SEO problems and shortcomings within a minute this web analyzer is very useful. It is a free tool. SEO site checkup is easy to use, even on mobile devices.


It is a multifunctional SEO platform that helps you to learn a lot of things about your website. The service provided here is free of charge. It also shows the list of competitors and keeps you updated about the change taking place in that list.


The display of a website is vital to bring more users. It should be simple yet charming. Screenfly is a free website analyzer that shows you how your website looks on a PC, tablet, smartphone, laptop, even on TV. It is very simple to use with no unnecessary functions and buttons.

Google Analytics

It is one effective web analyzer. It is widely used as a free web log analysis tool with its graphs and precise reports, that make it interesting to use.

Similar Page Checker

It is a great tool to find out the similar web pages. As the SEO is concern, duplicate content in your site may cause damage to your website. Similar Page Checker helps you to stay unique, so that you do not get penalized for identical content.


Getting information about the resource’s positions and its traffic is easy with this website analyzer. SimilarWeb offers a quick check of your website showing you the audience interests, updates about competitors, total share of traffic from the social networks, and also the site rank.